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Here at Choon Bee, we’ve spent the past 28 years serving our customers with vehicles and motoring services, and we take great pride in ourselves on ensuring that our customers are always satisfied.

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Our Services

Used Vehicles

Having been in the used car trade for decades, we have learnt how best to help you look for the most ideal used car based on your needs. Browse our current inventory of used cars and discover the car that suits you.

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Parallel Import New Vehicles

Are you looking for a new car, yet the prices are a little steep? With Singapore's high costs of a new car, our savvy customers are now looking towards PI to find that dream car at a great price. Contact us to learn more!

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Financing & Insurance Solutions

There's a whole lot more to owning a car. Here at Choon Bee, we provide a wholesome experience so that you can shop with us and get the details out of the way.

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